Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guy Wearing Panties

I am straight as an arrow, and I love wearing women's panties. They are comfortable and feel like I am almost into a woman's genitalia. Sometimes, I will put a skirt on. It all started when I was about younger. I ran out of underwear, so my mother had me wear my sister's panties. It has been heaven ever since. I am sure a lot of straight men wear women's panties. I've had girlfriends, and their panties were so good that I had to wear them. This is a fetish that most straight men should get into. I have worn panties with most of my girlfriends and they think a man in panties is sexy, and sex while wearing panties is the best. Go for it wear your girlfriends panties or wear your wifes panties, just slip some panties on, girls like guys wearing panties just give it a try. Check out its an awesome community for guys wearing panties, I have many pictures of me stroking in used panties.

Wearing Girls Panties

When I would go shopping, I would go past the panty isle. This one day, I decided to buy myself four pairs of panties. I’ve had a thing for wearing girls panties ever since I was younger. When I bought the panties, I would go into the men's room and change into my new panties. WOW, did they feel good on me. To this day, I still wear panties. My wife thinks I’m sexy in them. So guys, you can turn your girlfriend on by wearing her panties to bed when having sex. What a turn on. I have many more picture of me wearing panties as well as me having sex with my wife while wearing panties posted at

Wearing Womens Panties

I love to wear women’s panties. I like to buy Victoria's Secret panties. My favorites are the satin high-cut panties. I like to get them in pink, purple, flowers, and any other light colors. They are so much more comfortable then men’s underwear. Plus, I get really horny when I wear them. My wife knows that I wear panties, but she doesn't say anything. When she leaves for work, I like to put on her dirty panties and her sexy skirts. But when she’s at home or when I leave for work, I just wear my panties. I have posted many pics of me in her dirty panties at its a community for men wearing panties.

Wearing Wifes Panties

I would have never known that I like to wear women’s panties. But one day, I was home alone and I saw a pair of my wife’s panties in the laundry basket. I decided to try them on because I know how it feels when I grab my wife’s bottom. When I tried them on, I got such a rush that I had to relieve myself. I started to wear them more and more. One day, I decided to show my wife what I looked like in her panties. She got so excited that we had sex with her panties on. I buy my own panties now, and I have started to buy pink panties. I heard that a real man wears pink. Well, I do, but no one else can see except my wife. If you want to wear pink, this is a great way to feel good about wearing pink.

Wearing Satin Panties

Many men who wear panties say that nothing feels nicer against their skin than a pair of satin panties. There are two types of satin panties on the market at the moment - those made of real satin, and those made of synthetic material that feels like satin. The synthetic replica panties tend to be less expensive than real satin panties, and are good for the man on a budget. They also have another benefit in that they are less easy to stain than real satin panties, which can be ruined rather easily.

Real satin is actually made out of silk. It is a high gloss, very smooth material, and was once the domain of royalty, whereas fake satin is quite often made from blends of rayon, polyester, and nylon. Even though real satin is of a higher quality, don't necessarily dismiss "fake" satin from your lingerie wish list. Many synthetic blends mimic the feel of real satin quite well without the extortionate cost. Though it is true that with all lingerie, you get what you pay for, there are some mid range satin panties which should not break the bank, but which will provide the look and feel you are looking for.

The smoothness and shininess that satin has is a product mostly of its weave, which is done in such a fashion as to make the glossy threads stand out and reflect the light, producing a material that shines beautifully when light falls on it.

Satin panties slip and slide against the skin, gently caressing it. Because many men who wear panties do so for the sensation, satin panties are a special treat that can be worn under every day masculine clothing, yet constantly remind them of softness and sensuality.

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